Who Is Strumpet


A bit about me?

I guess I’ve written a few of these. And answered a profile video once – I’ll link it below.

The short story? A forty-something Norwegian by birth, Australian by choice, NZ resident who sounds American. True blue Libertarian, Master of English Literature, nearly finished a law degree, third culture child who never stays anywhere for long. Happily married. Gamer. Trying not to grow old. And beach lover. Crazy cat lady. Belvedere consumer. EDIT, added after this: Successfully mothered two young men into young adulthood.

If you read blogs, you might like to read more. Until I get round to making this current, I’m copying and pasting from my old Strumpets Life‘s About page, updated around 2010 or so?

Strumpet101 is my name in the Meta. It comprises everything I do in the virtual world, or the Meta, as my friend Alachia has termed it.

I lead much of the favorite parts of my life online; I have a full social circle through Twitter, Flickr, World of Warcraft, and other online communities. Everyone I know in these communities knows me primarily as Strumpet, although some people call me Snazzie, Helvete, or variations thereof. I think I may sometimes feel closer to my friends in the Meta than I do those in the real world – immediate family excepted.

BlizzCon the first time I went

Why don’t I use my real name? Not everyone, including my immediate family, relishes the idea of being ‘out there’. And I like to respect their wishes – there’s no reason for any of my Meta friends to know my real name anyway – they know me as Strumpet, and that’s essentially who I am. Edit: many of my ‘online friends’ know not only my name but address and telephone number.

I am interested in all things World of Warcraft, and I occasionally post to my other blog, Misc. about specifically WoW related things. (not anymore lol)  I am also an avid reader, and I like to voice my opinions on books. I like to voice my opinions about a lot of things actually! Movies, wine, politics. I also like to try to express myself creatively – My Nikon is turning into my best friend.
I’m also a third-culture child. Essentially, a third culture child is someone who grew up in a culture different from that of their parents – often associated with expat lifestyles and international schools overseas. There’s a theory that third culture children develop certain traits etc. Google it – it’s interesting.
Not only am I a third culture child (Norwegian family, international school background, living in America, Australian citizen), I am married to a New Zealander, and am moving back permanently this year).
I can’t help but think this gives me an interesting perspective!
In the physical world, I work three days a week, running an office full of 3 consultant engineers. I basically do all the accounting, travel arrangements, office management, and pretty much everything else they can’t do with their calculators and Excel.
Drop me an email at strumpet at gmail dot com anytime — or follow me on twitter: strumpet101.
My podcast: Strumpet’s Voice

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